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About the conference theme

On a global scale the efforts to protect audiovisual heritage from the dangers of decay and technological obsolescence are accelerating. At the same time audiovisual archives profile themselves as well-placed processors of the endless, expanding stream of digitally born content.

But as media archives professionals, we need to look beyond this and prepare for the challenges that will follow. The past year has shown that we need to be agile, able to adapt to rapid change. We must continue to ensure our remit in acquisition, preservation, access and use is to the fore, so that our collections can deliver on the promise of the social, cultural and economic leverage that they comprise. In other words, we must ensure that the digital dividend, the return to society of our efforts, becomes as large, as visible and as viable as possible.

In today's circumstances, we are taking the opportunity to increase the digital dividend of FIAT/IFTA as a network and the World Conference as a forum as well. We recognize that a digital conference does not create the same experience as a live meeting, but it also lowers the threshold significantly for greater participation. Together with our host SACIA and all partners involved in the organisation we’d like to make this conference a great opportunity for archivists, technicians, media managers, strategists, developers, researchers, policy makers, consultants, and service and materials providers from all over the globe. We’ll meet, present, showcase, listen, discuss and enjoy online. But above all we’ll enlarge the digital dividend together.

The programme of the 2021 FIAT/IFTA World Conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Digital preservation: an era of new challenges
  • New actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation
  • Relevance, engagement and distinctiveness: the archive as a public actor
  • Archival value: between return on society and return on investment
  • Local issues, global perspectives