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Keynote Speakers

Charlotte Kemp

Charlotte Kemp – Future Alchemist

Charlotte Kemp is the Futures Alchemist, a futurist keynote speaker who helps people and organisations find new ways to think about the future.

Charlotte is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) as well as the President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) and the newly appointed Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

Charlotte is also the author of a number of books, including ‘Futures Alchemist’ which presents a narrative of how to use her Map, Compass and Guide model to navigate unknown futures.

For research and insight, Charlotte hosts a podcast series called ‘Futures Facets’ and interviews people around the world to gain an understanding of how we see the future from our different points of view.

Charlotte’s signature talk is “Become the Conscious Futurist your Industry Needs, Now” and explores ways to intentionally create changes that will usher in our preferred future for our own industries.

An afghan memory in Paris: legacy and fortitude

By Yousuf Jan Nesar and Kanechka Sorkhabi.

In July and August 2021, Yousuf Jan Nesar, war operator and chief cameraman of military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, managed to leave Afghanistan and save about 5000 hours of audiovisual archives, now stored at INA. Behind this particularly spectacular story lies a much longer history of war and reconstruction, of independent and state-supported media, of documenting, collecting, and protecting audiovisual heritage in life and limb. What you'll see and hear is not a typical keynote speech, but a compilation of interviews made with the help of INA, with Yousuf Jan Nesar and his friend Kanechka Sorkhabi, an expert of the Afghan media landscape. In between, you will see fragments from the collection itself.

Kanechka Sorkhabi

Kanechka Sorkhabi is a researcher in geopolitics specialized in Afghanistan and Central Asia. 

We worked with several institutions and in international cooperation projects in Afghanistan during the last 18 years. 

During his commitment for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, he has contributed to various cultural projects between France and Afghanistan, such as the cooperation projects between French and afghan institutions for the preservation of the audio-visual heritage and the structuration of media. 

He collaborates with INA and Yousuf Jan Nesar (and his archives) since 2004. 

Kanechka Sorkhab
Yousuf Jan Nesar

Youssuf Janessar

Youssuf Janessar is an Afghan war operator, filmmaker and photographer. 

He was the cameraman of Ahmad Shah Massoud from 1986 until the commander's death in September 2001. He was about 15 years old when he joined the mujahedin forces under the command of Commander Massoud. 

He was the winner of an Emmy award in 2001.